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AC Condensers That Require Annual Cleaning and Check-up

When you have the equipment, an air conditioner, for example, you have to invest in cooling and heating maintenance, which will ensure that your unit will operate efficiently for longer periods. It’s true that the quality of the equipment plays a part, but it’s primarily about how we take care of the appliances we have.

RANGER HVAC, your provider of air conditioning services in Virginia, will share with you why and how to clean parts of AC condensers.

An AC condenser has many parts, but the coils, fins, and fans are the most exposed to dirt, dust, and other debris.

  • Coils.
    The coils hold the refrigerant. Annually cleaning them will allow for checking for leaks and other damages. The coils can be very sensitive, so the cleaning must be done by experts like our technicians. Aside from cleaning, they’ll also check the level of the thermostat for you because it can’t cool when it’s low.
  • Fins outside the condensers.
    These are located at the back side of the condenser coil. When left uncovered, they can be matted by wind-blown debris, and this dirt can block the condenser from cooling. Gently spray these vulnerable fins with a water hose or comb them so they can straighten.
  • Fan.
    The fan keeps all other parts of the condenser cool. When its blades get dirty, the fan won’t spin well and will lead to overheating of the condenser.

Through annual check-ups, the cooling system of your AC condenser will have a longer lifespan.

If you need help cleaning and repairing these parts of your AC condenser, don’t hesitate to call us! You can contact us for your furnace repair needs as well.

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