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Common Thermostat Problems You May Face

You can’t control the temperature in your home without a properly functioning cooling system. While it’s true that the thermostat helps the air conditioner in keeping the house at the desired temperature, it’s not the only factor in the system’s success.

In our years of providing air conditioning services in Virginia, here are the common issues that we have faced:

  • Issue with Power
    Power supply problems can affect your AC’s thermostat. Change the thermostat’s batteries if there are frequent power outages. Alkaline batteries are less reliable than lithium.
  • Thermostat Location
    The thermostat’s location affects the AC’s performance. If the thermostat is near a heat source, such as direct sunlight or another source, it can cause the thermostat to take an inaccurate house temperature reading and the air conditioner will not work properly. If the thermostat isn’t in the right spot, your house will be too hot or too cold because it reacts to its surroundings.
  • An Issue with Heat Anticipator
    The heat anticipator balances the thermostat to prevent it from turning the AC on or off too often when the room temperature is close to the setting. If your thermostat never reaches the temperature you set and your home is too hot, adjust its heat anticipator. If the anticipator isn’t working, the thermostat may cycle on and off which may lead to system damage.
  • Any problems with the thermostat will lead to problems with the cooling and heating maintenance inside your home, so it’s best to have professional technicians look into it.

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