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Dealing with AC Refrigerant Leaks

Air condition refrigerant or freon leaks are common problems for AC units. If you notice hotter air temperature coming from your AC coupled with a higher electricity bill and increased humidity indoors, these are clear indicators of a freon leak. Minor leaks can be fixed using sealant or tape, but larger leaks require the help of an AC professional.

The first thing you should do when you notice your AC refrigerant is leaking is to turn off and unplug your AC unit. This will prevent further problems and lessen your repair costs. Next, call for HVAC maintenance in Lorton, Virginia, to diagnose and repair the problem. They may also have to refill your freon if too much of it has already leaked out.

It is vital that you stop using your AC unit if you notice a freon leak. Freon is toxic and can cause various health problems, including brain fog, difficulty breathing, headaches, irregular heartbeat, and vomiting. Please get the help of AC installation in Virginia to fix your AC unit before using it again.

Common causes of refrigerant leaks include factory defects, metal erosion, and normal wear and tear. A hissing sound coming from your AC unit is a tell-tale sign that you have a freon leak. Call Ranger HVAC to handle AC repairs in a safe and timely manner.

RANGER HVAC is one of Virginia’s best AC and heating maintenance providers.

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