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Fixing Aircon Thermostat Problems

Are you having problems with your air conditioning thermostat? In some cases, a broken thermostat may be a small problem. All you need to do is call Ranger HVAC to repair or replace the faulty device. However, there are cases when this can cause major problems and severely damage your AC.

A broken thermostat can place enormous stress on your compressor as it tries works endlessly harder trying to achieve its room temperature goal. Unfortunately, the compressor is the most expensive component of your AC system. Therefore, you should prevent it from getting damaged at all costs. It’s better to turn off and unplug your AC unit and call for HVAC maintenance in Lorton, Virginia.

Similarly, a broken thermostat can cause the AC fan to run at full speed nonstop. This will result in damage to your AC fan and related components. Ask for help from a company that specializes in AC installation in Virginia, so they can repair or replace your faulty thermostat before it causes bigger problems down the line.

Keep in mind that a different problem—like losing lots of freon—may be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. It is better to consult with experts in AC maintenance to ensure that the root cause of your AC problems is found and resolved quickly and properly.

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