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Furnace Smells and Their Indications

A certain disturbing smell coming from your furnace can be an indicator that there is something wrong with it. The malfunction depends on what type of odor you can smell. RANGER HVAC, your provider of HVAC maintenance in Lorton, Virginia, shares with you this guide:

  • Burning wire smell.
    A burning wire smell could be an indicator that your furnace is overheating. With gloves, instantly turn it off and remove surrounding items that can cause a fire. If this happens, immediately call a technician who can fix it. Our furnace and heating maintenance services are always available for you.
  • Musty/Damp smell.
    Failing to regularly clean your furnaces allows molds to foster. This bacteria will eventually damage your furnace, so it’s important to clean removable parts with running water and wipe with a dry cloth the ones that are fixed.
  • Burning fuel and gas.
    A burning fuel smell indicates a malfunction of the burners, while a gas odor means there is a leak. In instances like this, furnace repair is necessary.
  • Dirty socks odor.
    This strong smell comes from the moisture in wet coils.
  • Burning Plastic.
    The disturbing smell of plastic signals that an item made of plastic is melting or burning inside the furnace. With protective gear, instantly remove the item from a distance before it blows up and sprays melted plastic onto you or someone else.

Being attentive to the smell coming from your furnaces will safeguard you and your home. Keep your family safe from fire accidents due to explosion and burner malfunctions through our furnace and air conditioning services in Virginia.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to get started with our furnace repair services! You can also contact us for air duct cleaning. Get in touch!

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