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Handling Common AC Fan Problems

Air conditioning fans are a central component of every AC system. If you notice slower airflow, hotter air temperature, or loud clanging noises coming from your AC unit, it is time to call Ranger HVAC to help.

There are three common fan problems AC units typically experience. The first is a broken fan belt. Fan belts can be weighed down and damaged by dirt and debris that accumulates as time passes. These belts also tend to wear out over time. Call Ranger HVAC for any fan belt problems you have.

A burnt-out fan motor is another major problem that requires professional service. When this happens, the motor will stop functioning altogether, and the whole motor will need to be replaced. Loud screeching noises are a clear sign that your fan motor is dying. At this point, professionals may still be able to save the fan motor.

Bent fan blades are a third common AC fan problem. This damage is caused by larger debris striking the fan blades directly. When fan blades start spinning onto other parts of your AC, massive damage can result. If you hear loud clanging noises, stop using your AC and have your unit checked by AC maintenance experts immediately.

If you are looking for professional air conditioning that can check and repair your AC units efficiently and effectively, RANGER HVAC is here for you. We also do heating maintenance, furnace repair, air duct cleaning, and more. Call us today at 703-829-9980.

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