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Hot and Cold? Why There Is Uneven Temp at Home

Have you noticed that your living room feels cold right after you left the kitchen? Or, you may have noticed how your bathroom is warmer once you get in.

No matter how big or small a home is, it has different areas meant for different purposes. While the areas may be under the same roof, different temperatures within the same residence can happen due to a variety of reasons. But why should you be concerned?

Uneven temperatures can cause shock and discomfort to residents, and the impact can be more difficult for family members who are compromised. The uneven temperature may also lead to damage in some areas of the property or damage to appliances or furniture.

So, what causes the temperature to be different in certain areas at home? Here are the possible causes:

  • Blocked vents and ducts
  • Poor insulation in certain areas
  • Small, outdated, or poorly maintained HVAC system
  • Poorly sealed windows (or doors)
  • Wrong location of the thermostat

Is it time to check your home’s cooling system? We have the services and professionals to help you!

Our AC maintenance service eases your worries as we assess and deliver upkeep for the system that makes your home as comfortable as how you want it to be.

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