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How to Estimate the Cost of A New Furnace

A furnace can add character to your space and just like everything else – it costs something. As a smart property owner, you sure would be interested in the factors that contribute to the cost of your new furnace.

Furnace installation can get tricky but with a reliable partner, we can nail this together. Meanwhile, here are some considerations you have to include in your budget evaluation.

There are three main sources of fuel – electricity, natural gas, and oil. The cost of each fuel would be different. Each fuel type would also need its appropriate maintenance.

The furnace’s efficiency measures how much it produces based on how much it is given. A high Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rate means more fuel source is used to produce heat. A high-efficiency furnace may cost more to install but will save you more money in the long run.

Furnace size also determines how many resources you would need. How big are you thinking? You can also discuss the dimensions with our technician so you would have a better understanding of the implications of size in terms of resource requirements.

Are you looking for AC maintenance?

Perhaps you need solutions for your heating maintenance?

RANGER HVAC has HVAC and air conditioning services in Virginia for your needs. Tell us your project and we’ll begin the assessment.

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