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If You Notice These Signs, Get Your AC System Checked


The summer heat is still raging over our heads. So AC systems will be running on full blast in most homes. At some point, you’ll notice something weird happening to the one in your place. As your resident expert in HVAC Maintenance in Northern Virginia, we’re letting you know that most of them may be more than just your typical hiccups from prolonged use.

But what exactly should you look out for? RANGER HVAC technicians know the warning signs that something has gone wrong with your AC system.

Based on our experience in repairing the Cooling System of air conditioning units, we offer the most common ones in the following list:

  • High humidity in your rooms
    During the summer season, you’re bound to feel muggy outdoors. Your AC should level out the humidity inside your home in response. But if you’re noticing condensation on glass surfaces, HVAC services are in order.
  • Bad Airflow
    If you find the air in parts of your house to feel stale, your AC may be running on a clogged filter, a broken motor, or a blocked air duct. You’ll need AC Repair to keep your system from fully breaking down while racking up your power bill.
  • Leaks
    All ACs use refrigerants to cool your home. Condensation naturally builds up from the process. But finding them pooling or dripping in certain parts of your house is a sign for a tune-up.
  • Nasty Odors
    This could mean anything from germ build-up to actual creatures decaying inside your AC unit. These are easily dealt with through cleanup services. But you have to act quickly before they start causing problems to your health.

A simple checkup can save you tons in terms of health, property security, and money on repairs and replacements. Call us to get the comprehensive HVAC solutions you need.

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