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Is Your AC System Costing You a Lot?


Have you been scratching your head every time the electricity bill comes your way? Or, are you always wondering why it costs so much when you run the AC?

Increasing utility bills can be caused by higher rates and higher consumption. While the higher rates are a given, consumption is something we can work on. But, why is the AC consuming a lot of energy?

To be fair, air conditioning does cost some energy compared to other appliances or devices. But there are situations when it is costing you more even when it should not be.

Is the AC running constantly? Non-stop usage builds up consumption. This directly impacts your month’s utility bill. If your AC is constantly running, the lack of refrigerant can be a probable cause.

Is your AC filter clean? Cleaning or changing the filter is a simple but often overlooked task. Change your air filters at least every other month as the accumulated dust prevents your AC from doing well.

Get the right AC installation in Virginia to get your AC good from the start.

And, when you need maintenance, call us for AC repair in Virginia.

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