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Is Your Home Ready for a Furnace?


Home is about warmth, and for many, a furnace is a dream feature. It has often been romanticized in the media, and who can point fingers? Having a furnace can add a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home.

If you have decided to get your furnace finally, know that we can help you. In the meantime, here are some considerations to ensure your property is ready for this upgrade.

  • Proper load calculation that accounts for the room size, quality of windows, and other factors that may influence the power of the furnace. Measure the physical area where the furnace will be located.
  • Ductwork system to facilitate airflow – ductwork should include supply from the furnace to air ducts and the return supply that feeds back to the furnace’s blower motor.
  • Check electrical wiring and gas lines for proper set-up – previous galvanized piping, for example, may have to be removed.

Adding a little warmth to your place can get complicated easily. But we have the solution. Leave Furnace Installation at the hands of professionals. We have been providing Heating Maintenance and solutions for the homes of our clients.

We also provide a variety of Air Conditioning Services in Virginia to meet your needs.

RANGER HVAC is a trusted AC Maintenance provider. Visit our website for more services and examples of recent projects.

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