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Signs That AC Filters Should Be Replaced

We buy many air conditioners for our homes because we want to experience the convenience that comes along, but are we willing to invest in AC maintenance? Many individuals purchase air conditioners but aren’t aware of how to properly take care of them.

RANGER HVAC noticed that most customers come to our shop or contact us for AC malfunctions that originated from clogged and damaged filters. Hence, allow us to educate you about the signs indicating that your AC filters need replacement.

  • Accumulated dirt near the air vent.
    If the filters appear dirty, then they are dirty. Failure to clean them for years allows dirt to clog on filters and will start releasing dirt and dust into the cooling system. If this continues for a longer time, it will cause permanent damage to the AC equipment.
  • Malfunctioning AC equipment.
    These malfunctions manifest in a variety of ways. The system could overheat, blow hot air instead of cold, or the ice freezes on the coils because the cool air is trapped. All these come down to one source – a clogged or damaged filter.
  • Hike in electric bills.
    The system will try to penetrate the filter despite it being clogged. When this happens, the AC will work harder and exert more pressure to maintain its expected temperature, leading to higher energy consumption.

These AC and electric concerns can be prevented by doing regular cleaning, check-up, and maintenance. Take care of your equipment just like how you take care of yourself. You can tap us for help not just to replace filters- but also with other AC services like air duct cleaning.

We also accept services for AC installation in Virginia. Contact us!

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