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Signs Your Indoor Air Quality Is Poor


Nowadays, we spend most time inside the home or on a certain property. But the air we breathe outside is not always the same as the inside.

How do we know that indoor air quality is not good when we cannot see air? Other signs point to the quality of the air we breathe. For example, if the residents have been coughing or experiencing trouble breathing, respiratory issues can happen due to poor ventilation.

Allergic reactions and sneezing are also common occurrences as the contaminants in the air continue to build up and affect the inhabitants of the area.

Dust buildup is a pretty visual reminder that the ventilation system is compromised. When pollutants gather on the surface of furniture or anything else, it can be because every part of the airflow has accumulated an unhealthy amount of dust and other particles.

Odor is also one indicator that may call for an air check. This can be very helpful in areas that are not often visible, but the damage is already present, and hence the bad smell is something to look out for.

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