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The Impact of a Clean Air Duct

Your home’s forced-air system functions as the beating heart, providing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to keep each room comfortable.

The air ducts of the AC system resemble the veins and arteries. It requires an equal amount of air to enter and exit through ducts, and regular air duct cleaning is a good way to maintain it.

  • Where Can I Find Air Ducts?

    To reach every room in a house, air ducts, which are HVAC components, are typically found running beneath floors, between joists, and between studs in walls.

    The HVAC system is frequently located in the basement of houses. It is best to contact one of our qualified technicians that specialize in AC Installation if you are having trouble finding it.
  • What Leads to Dirty Air Ducts?

    Airborne contaminants settle on surfaces and move with the airflow currents created by your HVAC system. Pollen and dust that you see on your shelves are also inhaled through your air ducts and into your HVAC filter.

    Other typical airborne contaminants include smoke, mold, and pet dander. These can change depending on the season, your way of life, and your home’s heating maintenance system.

    Furthermore, rodents and insects are frequently drawn to air ducts by air returns. Creatures that gain access to your air ducts may also leave waste, which may compromise the general cleanliness of your air.

It can be challenging to determine when your air ducts need cleaning because you can’t see them. Keep an eye out for an unusual or unexplained rise in your energy costs as well as an excessive buildup of dust in your home. RANGER HVAC offers air conditioning services in Virginia with its professional technicians. Give us a call today to learn more!

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