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What Causes High Humidity in a Property?

Are you getting a whiff of musty air or are your windows getting foggy? Excessive humidity can impact the residents and the property. The people inside the building would feel hot and uncomfortable. This situation can also encourage mold or rusting in your property.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. In an enclosed space, exit or entry of air may be limited, and hence the concentration of water vapor increases. Humidity is everywhere but what makes it excessive at home?

Leaks – water vapor comes from water (or liquid) and a lot of times, leaks are the culprit. The cracks or even the slightest opening in the house welcomes moisture. If you have leaky pipes, cracked roof tile, or loose fittings, you may want to seal those right away.

Rising damp – although rare, rising damp happens when moisture from the ground rises through the pores in the building foundation. If you see rotting window frames, flaky plaster, or molds, these are the signs that you are being infiltrated from the ground up.

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